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Inactive Handicaps

The start of 2010 saw the English and Welsh Golfing Unions introducing a systems of Active and Inactive Handicaps for both Gents and Ladies.  In short, at the beginning of every year each club will check the number of qualifying rounds all players have returned in the previous year.  If that number is less than three, the player's handicap is marked with an 'i' to show that it is 'Inactive'.   The club may then choose to limit entry (or the award or prizes) to golfers who's handicaps display this mark.

To remove this 'i' Inactive status, a player must return three qualifing scores in the current playing year.

Points to remember;

  1. This process is run at the start of a calendar year.
  2. Players handicaps are marked 'i' Inactive, not Lapsed as in Scotland.
  3. Players handicaps are still adjusted up and down as usual.
  4. To remove the 'i' Inactive status you must return three qualifying scores in the current year.
  5. It is at the competition organising committee's discretion whether 'i' Inactive handicaps may either participate or win prizes in a competition.

    Below we have published the full Specification from the English Golf Union and the English Women's Golf Association

Active/Inactive Handicaps
ISV Specification

• Players (includes men & ladies) to have handicaps identified with an (ß) if they have NOT returned 3 qualifying scores (including Supplementary Scores, Away qualifying scores and 9 hole qualifying competitions) during the previous calendar year.
- Effective from 1st January 2010.
- Scores are NOT ‘rolled over’ from one year to the next. 3 scores required each year.
- Inactive handicap removed once 3 qualifying scores have been returned during the current calendar year.
- A player who received a CONGU Handicap for the first time will not be marked as “inactive” for a period of 12 months from the date of allocation.

Inactive handicaps to be shown in all instances as:
Example -  10(i)

• Only applies to CONGU handicaps. Does not apply to Junior Club Handicaps or other handicaps issued by the Club.

• Handicap lists, handicap certificates and the Central Database of Handicaps to identify Inactive handicaps. On the Handicap List, an (ß) shall be appended to the Playing Handicap for a player with an Inactive handicap (not against Exact Handicap).
- Where a player’s Handicap is inactive,
o Certificates to identify status of handicap in prominent position, by appending “(inactive)” to the line “His current Exact CONGU Handicap is XX, Playing Handicap XX”.
o Handicap Record Sheets to identify status of handicap by appending “(inactive)” to the “Current Handicap” section in the report header.
• ISV software shall provide a facility for the club official to manually override the current “Active/Inactive” status of a Player’s Handicap, and also to remove this override at a later date.

This facility shall be able to override an “Inactive” status to “Active” and also an “Active” status to “Inactive”, if required.

Whilst a handicap is manually overridden, additional entries to the player’s handicap record do not affect their handicap status until the override is manually removed.

System to automatically remove all manual overrides at the commencement of a new calendar year.

There is no requirement to maintain a history of manual overrides being applied by the club official.

• Passwords are not required to apply or cancel a manual override for a Cat 1 golfer.

• All qualifying scores will adjust handicaps (both Active/Inactive) in the normal manner. No new allotment of handicap (as per SGU) will apply.

• Report facility to identify:
1. Active handicaps
2. Inactive handicaps
3. Those that have been deemed Inactive by Committee (i.e. the manual overrides applied)

Version 5
March 10

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