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Help Active/Inactive

Some of my players are shown as 'Inactive' and I dont think they should be?

The guidance was changed by the EGU on the 13th January 2010. A further update is available to allow customers to re-run the Active/InActive process. Any customers on v12.1 build 2 or less should update their versions (Version numbers are visible on the main splash screen of all programs).

Click here to see the following page for information on updates and downloading them.


Some of my players are shown as 'Active' and I dont think they should be?

See the answer to the above question, but also bear in mind that players who have been allocated a handicap for the first time in the previous year should not be set to 'Inactive'. The handicap systems use the 'Date Created' entry on the player record to identify which players are 'new' in the previous year.

Where players have come from previous clubs and brought as handicap with them, users will need to override the automatic system, if necessary, and make the player 'Inactive' manually.

How do I manually override the 'Inactive' marker?

Amend any player's record and check (or uncheck) the box labelled 'Inactive Handicap', then save the changed record. 

Note Players that have been set to 'Inactive' manually, will not automatically get set back to active once they have played 3 rounds, this is a requirement of the rules which determine that they must be set back to 'Active' only by similar manual intervention.