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How do I register with the CDH?

Clubs should visit the EGU's web site and go through the registration process. Once this  is completed the club will be allocated a identifying number, at this point launch CLUB2000 and use the 'Functions' drop-menu to Activate the English CDH system.

If there is no option on the 'Functions' drop-down menu for English CDH, you should contact CSICare on +44 (0) 1663 766999 and ask for your system to be activated.

How do I operate the CDH?

The CDH system operates itself. CLUB2000 will submit scores to the CDH after each competition or change of handicap record.

Away scores are 'received' when CLUB2000 is launched or at the end of a competition when submitting history.

The only intervention users need to make is to enter the LifeTimeID's of any AWAY players who are members of their club but, don't have their handicap maintained by the club. This is done via the 'Functions' drop menu or by amending any AWAY player's playing record.


What if I can't get CLUB2000 to send or receive information to and from the CDH?

All computers that operate the EGU CDH need to be able to access the following site via port 80. Please ensure that any firewalls have exclusions in place to allow both incoming and outgoing traffic to this site.

Please contact you IT hardware or network specialist to ensure that your system has the correct settings.

Can I print a list if LifeTimeID's?

Yes, under the Master Handicap List (option 1 under the Prints section), users can select what extra information they would like to include along with the names and handicaps, LifeTime ID is one of the available options.


How do I let my members know what their LifeTimeID is, once I have joined the CDH?

Under v12.1 build 4 (or higher) versions of the Handicap systems, the LifeTimeID is printed on the handicap certificate automatically. Users who have the membership system, can also use the field 'Player L-Time ID' and include it in letters, labels, reports. lists or bills in the membership system.