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Some of my names are showing as 'Withheld' why?

Each player record has a check box on the 'Player Maintenance' screen which reads 'Excl. from HowDidIDo'. When checked this will replace the persons name with 'Name Withheld' on the web site.

To alter this setting, Amend the player record and re-publish the last event. 

I have published my result but not all the information has appeared on the site, my handicaps are correct but the competition result is not appearing for example, what can I do?

It is most likely that your connection to the HDID servers timed-out. Simply try publishing again. This can easily be done by viewing your competition score-sheet.

When my results are published, the hole-by-hole scores are not always visible straight away, why is this?

 The HDID server processes competition hole-by-hole scores every 20 minutes. Sometimes when the servers are particularly busy not all the scores get processed immediately. Those that don't get processed will get picked up by the next 'cycle' this means that sometimes scores can take 40 or even 60 minutes to get processed.

Note: the HDID servers do not process scores after 11pm and before 7am.

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