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Help Reporting

Can I print Brief Handicap certificates for all players?

Unfortunately not. You can print Full Record sheets for any selection of players via the Master Handicap list option under the Standard Reports section. You can also print Brief Handicap certificates for any group of players (manually selected) via the 'Print Certificate' button on the Player Maintenance screen.

For Category One returns to county, there is a section under the Tools drop-down menu to allow users to select and print recordsheets for players off less than a specific handicap.

 I have a error message Runtime Error 94 Invalid Use of Null when printing, what might cause this?

This is a problem which usually stems from an incorrect playing record. In certain circumstances a player's record may not recalculate properly, there are a number of reasons for this, when it happens, the resultant Playing and Exact handicaps are blank on the player history.

Players with this problem can be seen via the utility routine in v12.2 and higher, which can be found under the Help drop-down, Engine Numbers, Locate Nulls.

Sometimes all that is required is the competition highlighted here, needs to be undone and re-ended. If this still hasn't resolved the problem check that the date the player was created (shown on the player maintenance screen) is on or before the event in question. Players cannot have events which preceed the Player Creation date. Finally check that the player has a valid handicap at the start of their history, perhaps try inserting an Allocation Entry prior to any events on their history.

If the problems still persist, use the Backup routine to put your data in the Club Systems Server, then contact our Support Department and advise them of the names of some of the players concerned. They will check the data and get back to you.

I have an message Print Error 0, when I try to print or view a report, why?

This usually caused by an incorrect or incorrectly placed, report file. The CLUB2000 system contains more than 170 different report layout files. These files determine the layout of all reports.

To resolve Error 0 report problems

If the problem still persists, use the backup utility to send your data to the CSI server and contact our support department for further help.