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Why do I have to provide my e-mail address in order to register with the Memberships' internal e-mail system?

The reasons for this are two fold:-

  1. We need to be able to provide an address to your recipients, that they can reply to. When you register, the e-mail address that you give will receive any e-mails that cannot be sent and any responses to e-mails sent.

  2. We need to ensure that those who are using the Memberships' e-mail system are bonafide users. When you provide your e-mail address at registration we will send an e-mail to it containing an activation code. You need the activation code to complete the registration process. These simple steps help us to validate you as a valid user.

Why, when I send my Activation e-mail does the system say it 'can't contact the server'?

This is usually your Firewall blocking the communication. Please ensure that your Firewall can communicate on port 80. Communication needs to be two way (out and in) on that port.


I have received my Activation Code e-mail but when I enter it the system tells me that it is invalid, why?

The Activation Code MUST be entered on the same day that it is received. If you have not received your code today, click on the Parameters section of the Membership system and click onto the E-Mail address of the club. Re-enter the e-mail address to trigger a request for a new code.

I have changed my Instalment Schemes but they have not changed on my Bills, why?

Your Bills have been raised before you have made the changes. All Bill information is taken when the Bills are raised so anything that is changed after that will not apply to the Bill run.

Solution - Any changes to prices, annual bills, DD schemes and instalment schemes must always be done before you do the Bill run. If the Bill run has been completed and then you make changes to any of the above, when you print the Bills they will have the old information even though you have changed it. The correct order should be as followed Changes > Raise Bills > Print bills.

If you have already raised the Bills you will have to cancel the Bill run by clicking Edit > Undo Last Bill Run then selecting the date on which the incorrect bills were raised.

Why can I not find a member in the membership system?

This is usually caused by a category being ticked as 'hidden' in ‘Parameters’, this hides categories from the Membership system. This option is available so you do not need to see deceased or resigned Members on your records. If you want to see all Members on file, when you go to find a Member, you can tick the box for ‘Include Hidden Categories’ and this will show everyone on file.

I am getting a Runtime Error 75 when the system is performing a selection, such as during report or bill creation, why is this and what can I do?

This error occurs because the program is not being allowed to access the files that it needs. This could be because another process has 'locked' the file, in which case it is possible that restarting the computer (and the data server) will resolve the issue. Or it could be because the network permissions are set in such away that your station only has 'read access' to the data folders. Please ensure that your systems have full read and write access to the folders (and sub folders) where the data is held.