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Why Can’t I change and Booking details or amend any Customer records?

In the Reservation System, there are two different types of password you can use.  There are Administrator passwords and User passwords.
If you are currently logged in with a User password, you will be unable to make any changes to bookings and customer information among other things.
If you believe you should have an Administrator password, please contact the system administrator to see if you can obtain the correct password or call us on 01663 766999.

Every time I try to do something, the system keeps displaying the Help information.  How can I stop this?

By default when the Reservations system is installed, a feature called Context Help is enabled.  This displays Help information for tasks you are trying to perform in case you need assistance.
If you wish to turn this function off, you will need to be logged in with an Administrator password rather than a regular user.  You will then need to click on Utilities at the top of the screen followed by Options from the menu.
This will open the Preferences screen.  One of the tick boxes on here is called “Disable Context Help”.  Ticking this box will stop the system from displaying any Help information.
This information can still be found by clicking Help at the top of the screen should you need it