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Infomation from HM R&C

Pre-Budget Report 2008 - VAT Rate Changes

Here we have taken some information from, and provided a link to, the government site where more detailed information can be obtained.

The rate change only effects the standard rate of VAT, this will be reduced to 15% on 1 December 2008.

This means that for any sales of standard-rated goods or services that take place on or after 1 December 2008 providers should charge VAT at the new rate of 15%.

Only standard-rated sales are affected. There are no changes to sales that are zero-rated or reduced-rated for VAT. Similarly, there are no changes to the VAT exemptions.

The 15% rate will remain until 31st December 2009, and from 1 January 2010 it will revert to 17.5%.

The Government proposes to introduce anti-forestalling legislation in Finance Bill 2009 to ensure that businesses are not able to use artificial arrangements to reduce the VAT rate on goods or services to be provided after the rate reverts to 17.5% where there is no current economic activity.

Genuine commercial transactions should not be affected. Details are in the written statement to be made by the Financial Secretary to the Treasury on 25 November 2008. This statement was also made in the House of Lords by the Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury, Lord Myners.

HM R&C have provided a range of information which covers straightforward and technical issues for businesses, and also likely questions from consumers.

Click here for further Information on the Revenue and Customs site

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