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More Details

Additional Features

  • The Touch screen player score input terminal is a PC running windows XP. It has a durable touch screen integrated to the unit to reduce storage space in a Professional Shop, Bar or Locker room etc
  • The Touch screen software is CONGU licensed and fully integrated with all Club2000 products.
  • You have the facility to advertise forthcoming events and show pictures on the touch screen either using the built in notice board software or Microsoft power point.
  • The system has a built in real-time leader board that can be linked to a large screen TV * This also shows an estimated CSS
  • We supply two options of Touch screen.   A desk mounted 15” screen or a wall mounted 17” screen with the option of a plinth stand. The stand allows the 17” terminal to move locations within the club and for storing purposes.
  • The facility of Competition Charging is available when using swipe cards. (Money can be topped up onto a card via the handicapping or till programs. Members can then pay for competitions, two’s etc via a cashless system).
  • Swipe cards, pin numbers and or screen index can be used on the terminal.
  • The option to run supplementary scores, forward book, sign in and enter scores in to competitions are available.
  • The option to check your handicap, competition balance, what time you are down to play and who you are playing with is available.
  • Team events can be input into the touch screen.
    The system can automatically end competitions at a specific time, so handicaps are recalculated automatically after a competition for the next day.
  • The system can automatically publish competition results to the website after the competition has been closed.
  • The system can find ‘Cards not returned’ and automatically apply no returns to them or you can choose how to treat them.
  • The facility of not allowing players to enter a score unless they have signed in first  (Some clubs have a player score input terminal in the pro shop to sign into the comp, then go in to the bar area to enter the scores)
  • The competition will show on the terminal depending on date and time.
  • You can set up all competitions for the year in advance.

*This is only available on the 15” desk mounted unit