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New HowDidiDo Website Now LIVE

The largest online golfing community in Europe, powered by Club Systems International, just got a whole lot better!

Since its infancy over ten years ago, HowDidiDo has developed, grown and improved due to continual feedback from our loyal user base and continual innovation from our highly-qualified IT development team. The result? We’ve become the most popular and insightful amateur golf database in the game today.

Alongside the development of our new mobile application, the new HowDidiDo website has been accessible through a beta website for a number of months allowing golfers, golf club managers, as well as our staff and development team to produce a website worthy of its industry leading name.

We are now extremely proud to have built a new, responsive, sleek looking website with a nod towards the social media revolution, offering golf clubs a platform to effectively communicate golf club news to not just it’s members. We have had 70,000 logins since we changed websites and with over 50,000 more users viewing 1,000,000 more pages in February compared to this time last year, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us through this transitional period.

With all the same features for both golf club managers and golf club members the new website also offers an abundance of new benefits:

• GETTING THE MESSAGE OUT THERE – HowDidiDo now links seamlessly with ClubV1, therefore offering golf clubs the ability to push their club news to not just their own members, but also to other non-members through social media sharing. Imagine getting one of your own club news stories viral!? It’s time to effectively communicate with golfers through the largest online golfing community in Europe.

• PUSH NOTIFICATIONS – HowDidiDo users now have the ability to receive notifications direct to their mobile phone, tablet or computer with the HowDidiDo app. Members and club managers can now instantly be informed of competition results, handicap changes, and when their golf club publishes news to the HowDidiDo timeline.

• A FRESH PERSPECTIVE – the new site has embraced the social media revolution by offering golfers a platform on which to engage directly through our new sleek, modern HowDidiDo news feed.

• IMPROVED BOOKING – Booking a tee time through HowDidiDo is now easier than ever. The new site also has the added benefit of allowing ‘Away Members’ to book tee times at golf clubs the same way as if you were a home member.

• SHARE, LIKE & COMMENT – Users now have the ability to share, like and comment on the content in the HowDidiDo timeline, meaning that club news, competition results, featured content, and handicap changes can now be published through Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media outlets in the near future.