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Marketing Module

Targeting your market. It's one of the most important things a golf club (or any business in fact) can do.

Effective communication has become more and more important, whether it’s telling your members about competitions or social events, emailing special offers to past visitors or societies or advertising your club’s open, we need to shout about it!

With the Club Systems’ Marketing Module you will be able to do it all, and more! Using your existing membership data, website managed or imported mailing lists, it is now easy to send out professional, smart emails to any targeted audience.

Once sent you can see who has opened the emails and even what links they have clicked on, so you can gauge the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

And if you are worried about the technical knowledge you might need, it’s simple to use too. We will build and format the email for you, taking news stories from your website or custom articles written by you.
  • The module will be FREE to use for email messages to all supported CLUB2000 users (subject to a fair usage policy).
  • CSiSite users (that's the CSI website package) can automatically link to news stories on your own website.
  • SMS Text message facility allows mass text messaging at very competitive prices.
  • Membership and handicapping Data is hosted on our secure servers.
  • Filter by category, age, gender or handicap.
  • HTML emails - Attractive, professional looking emails, customised with club name and logo.
  • Include embedded photos or links to online forms or documents

Simply create an email newsletter using the easy template.  Just add a news article from your website or HowDidiDo news page or create a new article.

Add a picture and/or a link to another webpage or a download.

Add footer information such as links to sponsors web pages or areas or your own website.

Once created, you are ready to send.  Choose the recipients using gender, age, category or handicap from your membership data, or import a list of email addresses from another program or file.

You can now send through our email server, keeping a list of recipients for future reference.

Once sent, you can see a instant summary of which emails have been opened and even which links have been clicked on.



Marketing Module

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