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CLUB2000 - Membership Admin

CLUB2000® Membership & Administration simplifies the process of daily member management and financial Control.

Communication with your members is an essential part of running a successful modern club.  Whether you club is a traditional 'members owned' club or a highly commercial privately owned leisure facility, CLUB2000 can cater for your needs.

Modern management systems should be able to make those communications more targeted, more accurate and they should be able to track your contact with each potential or existing member.

By Harnessing the power of today’s technology, the club manager can maintain a ‘relationship’ with each individual who passes though their club and keep a detailed track of movements (physical and financial) that occur.

  • Member Record Maintenance.
  • Contact Tracking.
  • Detailed Reporting.
  • Billing and Renewal Printing.
  • Payment Collection and Analysis.
  • Customisable fields.
  • Bulk emailing
  • MerlinTouch Integration (loyalty Epos)