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PSiBoard - Big Screen Leaderboard

Standing for 'Player Score Information Board', this product has to be one of the most exciting we have ever launched.  Plug in our 'thin client' bit of cleverness and you can display live current information to your members and guests all at the same time.

The 16:9 widescreen is divided in to 4 main sections.

The top left is the Media section, allowing videos and pictures to be uploaded by the club.  A great source of revenue from local businesses wishing to advertise.  Charge around £250 per advert and you don't need to sell many before you are turning a profit.

The top right is used for displaying live leaderboards, handicap lists and startsheets.  Automatically updated from CLUB2000 via the HowDidiDo website.

The section on the left, under the Media section is the Notice Board.  This is updated with your club news, national and international news from the BBC and even your club's local Weather. 

The ticker scrolls across the bottom of the screen with updated handicap information and scores.

Compatible with almost all HD ready TVs with a HDMI input, Club Systems international offers you a Leader Board/ Notice Board, unrivaled in the maketplace.  Watch the video below and register your interest using the form below.

We have  a live web page to demonstrate the full features of the PSiBoard.  Click on the link below and a new window will 'pop up'.  The demonstration is best viewed on a wide screen (16:9 or 16:10) monitor as normal 4:3 displays will 'squash up' the window.  Once opened, press your F11 key to toggle between full screen and window mode.  Please note you may be asked to install 'Microsoft Silverlight'.  This is a completely safe 'add on' that more and more advanced websites will soon be using.  Just follow the steps and you with not be asked again.

If you would like to send a link to this page, so others at your club can see the PSiBoard, click on the button to the right and enter their email addresses.


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