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PSiTouch - Player Score Input

The original purpose of PSI (Player Score Input) was to take away the irksome task presented to handicap committees of entering competition cards.  Today, PSI has developed into a much broader player interface which allows players to not only enter their scores but it also allows them to sign-in to the competition prior to play, book into future competitions, view handicaps, request handicap certificates, pay competition fees and even see pictures of their playing partners.

Whether your club is installing PSI for the first time or, as many are now doing, upgrading to Touch screen, clubs are able to benefit from the many features now offered.  By installing terminals in the lounge/bar, the once upon a time 'car park golfer'  is encouraged in to the clubhouse bringing in much needed revenue.  

Multiple PSI systems can be operated in the same building, allowing sign-in in one area of the club and leader-boards and score entry in another or even separate access for Men and Ladies.

PSI systems also cater for team events and non-qualifying events by enabling players to 'build' teams through the terminals and then enter scores for up to 4 team members on a single score card. Systems can also be linked to Score Card and/or Label printers for automatic printing of information directly onto score cards or labels.

 PSiTouch is available in 15" desk mount and 17" wall or plinth mounted. 

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