Boss Watches Hole in one Award
It seems unbelievable, but it's true.  Any golfer scoring a Hole-In-One at a Club Systems ClubV1 customer in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, can claim a special edition Boss Watch.  Yes for Free*!

There are some very simple conditions;

1. The club where the Hole-In-One was scored must use Club Systems/HowDidiDo Software
2. The Hole-In-One must behave been scored in a singles handicap qualifying, club competition, sorry no general play scores, better-balls, matchplay or greensomes etc.
3. The golfer must be a member of a club using Club Systems/HowDidiDo software.
4. The score must have been published on the HowDidiDo website and App.
5. The golfer must be a registered HowDidiDo user (this can be done, free of charge either before or after the score).

If all these conditions have been met, you will receive an email from HowDidiDo congratulating you and then, 48 hours later, will receive another email with a claim code**.

Once you have that code, please click on one of the links below, to have you claim processed.

Due to changes in duty and VAT rules after the United Kingdom left the European Union on the 1st January 2021, claimants from Either the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or the Channels Islands have to claim through a different claim page.  *Watch and carriage are provided free of charge, any import duty, VAT, carrier handling fees or customs charges payable, are the responsibility of the recipient.  Please ensure that you click in the correct link for your club's location.

For England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle Of Man, please click here

For The Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or the Channels Islands, please click here

**In some instances codes are not sent automatically, i.e. Open competitions where the visitor scores a Hole-in-One or County competitions, where the County use HowDidiDo. Scores will most probably still be valid, but you may need to ask the manager/secretary at the host venue (HowDidiDo user club) to contact us.