Manchester, UK


Club Systems International Limited are the market leaders in Member and Visitor Administration, Loyalty EPoS and web services such as HowDidiDo, Golfingindex and personalised club websites.

We are recruiting for a Lead .Net Developer. You will work as part of a dynamic team in an agile environment, based at our head office in Manchester City Centre.

Work will be varied and exciting from the enhancement of existing products right through to greenfield, innovative products and services, helping to shape the industry and maintain our market-leading position.

We use the latest tools, languages, frameworks and platforms across the technology stack. You should therefore have knowledge in some or all of the following;

Microsoft .Net Framework, C#, ASP.NET, MVC 5, .NetCore, SQL,WebAPI 2,RESTful APIs, Entity Framework, HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery,Knockout.js, CSS, Git,Bootstrap, Microsoft Azure, Redis, TDD, Moq, Dependency Injection, Autofac, Agile, Trello, A passion for programming and software development is a must, along with a strong interest in technology. A love of golf is a bonus.


The Lead Developer defines the structure and organisation of the system, its components, their responsibilities and interactions.

A products design must have a unifying, coherent structure and must also define and describe the following

: · Design principles and patterns on which the architecture is based, · The technology, tools and standards which are intended to be used
, · Key mechanisms, such as data access and error handling,
· Specifications and interfaces of components to be bought or built. In an agile development team many people will contribute to these things. The Lead Software Developer will help all team members to contribute to the plan, taking good ideas from everyone and making them part of a coherent whole. It might also be necessary to adapt ideas originating elsewhere, but without losing the team’s ownership of the solution. The Lead Software Developer will guide the choice of technology used, and confirm that the choices are viable. He or she must therefore be aware of the alternatives, and factors that choose between them, and understand what technical issues are key to the project’s success. The role may often mirror one of an evangelist for new or different technologies, processes or solutions. However, he/she also has a responsibility to help manage change, which may mean reining in enthusiasm where risks and costs would outweigh the benefits. The solution must meet the users’ needs, but not necessarily every wish and constraint. The role involves helping to identify and resolve conflicting requirements, helping to say “No”, or “What do you really need?” if the requirements clash. The main objectives are working solutions, and the best solution for the business may not even need new software to solve the users' problems. One of the Lead Software Developer’s main jobs is communicating the technical design. He or she must become the solution’s “champion”, selling the vision and keeping it alive in the face of challenges. Each group of stakeholders needs to understand how the design meets their requirements. This requires multiple representations of the same design directed at different parties with different levels if technical skill and understanding. In summary, this role should be to guide the technical design of the all the business’s solutions. Whilst working with other developers a lead should always be shown. Keeping abreast of new technologies and communicating these with both the business stakeholders, product manager and development team. This role may develop in its scope and this description shouldn’t be seen as a definitive document but as a guide to the way in which the role ought to evolve.



  • Open plan relaxed office.
  • Development, Support and Admin office based with 8 Field staff.
  • Fortnightly agile sprints, with daily standups and weekly dev meetings (Estimations/Review)
  • We offer 28 days holidays inclusive of public holidays plus an additional day each for your birthday and work anniversary. After 2 full years of employment we offer 1 extra day capped at 5 extra days for 10 years employment.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work place pension
  • Health Care Cashback Plan & Perks
  • Childcare Voucher Scheme
  • Cycle to work Scheme
  • Daily Fresh Fruit
  • Pay Day Drinks
  • Department social events/golf days.
  • Company social events.
  • Annual Season Train Ticket Scheme
  • Long term loan of Golf Equipment for enthusiasts to try out.
  • Golf Clothing for enthusiasts.


The role of the Lead Developer will be to take responsibility for defining and maintaining the structure of our solutions, and ensuring that it will meet requirements.

You must also help the team to work together in an agile fashion, to jointly own the solution together with the Product Manager (whether permanent or an ad hoc appointment) and therefore to interface well with other parts of the organisation. This will involve helping to divide projects in to manageable tasks and then assist in their apportion to the most appropriate individual or team. There are six main parts to this:

· Understanding the requirements - identifying the stakeholders, helping to analyse the requirements and extracting those of technical significance.
· Formulating the design - creating a solution structure which will meet the various requirements, balancing the goals and constraints on the solution, whilst taking account of cost and future growth.
· Communicating the architecture - making sure that everyone understands the design and the reasoning behind the decision-making. Use utmost endeavours to gain developer ‘buy in’ and agreement.
· Supporting the developers – making sure that they are able to realise the design, by a combination of mentoring and direct involvement.
· Verifying the implementation – ensuring the delivered system is consistent with the agreed design, and will meet the requirements
. · Allocation of duties – Assisting the allocation of tasks to individuals or teams to be undertaken in allotted sprints.