Prostate Cancer UK – HowDidiDo - How Do We Beat It

It may not have been difficult to notice over the last few years, the amount of exposure HowDidiDo has been giving to a particular men’s health charity.  Well, we are not ashamed to admit that our impassioned support has turned into somewhat of an obsession.

So far, since the launch of our Prostate Cancer UK competition, ‘How Do We Beat It’, our HowDidiDo users, your members, and ones like them all over GB&I have raised an incredible £200,000.  That is enough funding for a clinical research nurse for 10,000 hours (or 5 nurses for a year), to test new ways of preventing, treating, and diagnosing prostate cancer.  We think that is simply amazing, and one of my reasons for writing to you, is to thank you for helping us to reach that milestone.

However, we want to do so much more.  If just 7 members from each club signed up for our virtual eclectic competition, we could double last year’s total of £30,000.  If we could encourage a dozen to enter, that would be beyond our wildest dreams.

All we ask, is you help us to publicise the competition.  Display posters on noticeboards, send emails or notifications, or simply discuss the competition amongst friends and members.

It’s easy to sign up and for a donation of only £5, not only could you or your member help this worthy cause but win a place in our grand final at possibly one of the best courses in the UK.

Some clubs have instigated their own mini leagues and encouraged members that way, others have simply posted on social media to help beat a cancer that is now amongst one of the biggest killers of men over 50.

The competition is open to all ages, male and female and a fun league table of supporting clubs has now been set up, the enormously proud leader of which is Seacroft Golf Club in Lincolnshire.

We know that golf clubs do a huge amount for charities of all types but please, if you can, support the cause and help us, to help Prostate Cancer UK, Beat It!

Please download our poster here HDWBI poster.pdf