Matthew Webb
Junior Developer

When did you start working with Club Systems? 
November 2021.

Have you always been Junior Developer?
No, I started at Club Systems in November 2021 as a Graduate Developer after completing a software development course at Northcoders and have now progressed to be a Junior Developer.

Are you a golfer?
Yes, Picked up the game when I was 14 through my dad and grandad and try to play as regular as possible through a society. My handicap is slowly creeping up each round but currently sits at 12.7.

What is your favourite golf course?
Hillside Golf Club - amazing views on each hole.

You can invite 3 people to join you for a round of golf, who is coming?
Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and my dad.

Tell us something about yourself that we probably don't know?

I can speak fluent spanish.