Zak Taylor
Junior Product Owner

When did you start working with Club Systems? 
I started at Club Systems in September 2019.

Have you always been Junior Product Owner? 

No, I started as an apprentice within the Support Department in 2019, which I successfully completed and stayed with Club Systems. I progressed to the Junior Product Owner role in August of 2022.  

Are you a golfer?
I started to play golf this year and still yet to acquire a handicap.

What is your favourite golf course?
Ashton Under Lyne Golf Course

You can invite 3 people to join you for a round of golf, who is coming?
I'd invite Nathan Coverley (who has also recently started to play), Connor Warburton and Adam Knowles, all colleagues of Club Systems.


Tell us something about yourself that we probably don't know?

In Primary School I was selected to take part in a course to learn Mandarin.