Bar, Restaurant & Retail Electronic Point of Sale


For many years, clubs have been looking for ways to increase revenue and with the introduction of the MerlinTouch loyalty card system, they've found a way to achieve this. 

Since its launch in 2005, it has become the most successful EPoS Loyalty Card System in UK and Irish sporting and membership clubs. MerlinTouch has been designed and developed in-house by the Club Systems development team and is fully integrated with the market leading ClubV1 suite of products.

Carrying out over 100 installations per year, Club Systems have an unrivalled knowledge in this field and with more than 12 years of customer feedback, have produced a product which suits all types and size of club.


Introducing a loyalty card system enables clubs to increase their standard price at the point of sale, charging non members more, whilst retaining a lower member cost via an automatic discount. The elevated visitor cash price, results in higher bar and/or restaurant revenue.  Some clubs find the implementation of a compulsory bar levy also encourages members to make more use of the club's facilities.

As an example, the club can increase revenue by:

  • Increasing standard cash bar and/or restaurant prices.
  • Introducing a discount for purchases made with prepayment card.
  • Choosing to implement a compulsory bar/restaurant levy.
  • Forfeiting of unspent money at the end of the year.

Card levies collected through ClubV1 are seamlessly added to the card balance and a multi-purse function allows the club to split bar, restaurant and competition charging.  Clubs can offer members a variety of card discount levels based on either membership type or spends/top-ups over a given period.