CSiCare Services

CSiCare Services
  • CSiCare Software Updates Regular feature updates, such as online backup, bulk emailing and EPoS Stock Control are included as part of the ClubV1 Support package. Automatic Internet downloads keep your software up to date throughout the year. 
  • CSiCare Software Compliance Each year sees additions and adjustments to the CONGU Unified Handicapping System.   Club Systems have been working with CONGU since June 2007 to ensure that ClubV1® is fully compliant, fully tested and CONGU® licensed.  All affiliated Clubs need to comply with these changes, CSiCare will ensure your club does.
  • CSiCare Telephone Support 365 days a year from 8am* in the morning until 8pm each night, Club Systems’ trained staff are on hand to support you, whether you need help with software issues, or just a guide through unfamiliar procedures. 
  • CSiCare Email Support* Today with peoples’ busy lifestyles, it can be easier to send off a quick email to CSICare@clubsystems.com . Our aim is to reply to all email enquiries within 48 hours. 
  • CSiCare Website Support Visit the ‘Frequently Asked Question’ section to get details of the latest features.  
  • CSiCare Client Side Support* Under your supervision, our fully trained staff can remotely access your desk top PC, PSI terminal, Till or server directly from our support department in Manchester.  Enabling us to resolve your more complex issues as if we were sitting at your desk. 
  • CSiCare Data Security ClubV1® is a hosted web application, we use Microsoft's Azure servers, so therefore your data is automatically duplicated in two geographical locations. 
  • CSiCare Corrupt Data Repairs As computer technology has progressed our reliance upon the data that our software stores has increased.  When a faulty hard disk or bad power supplier corrupts that data our support staff can attempt to rebuild your data.  In the past year 98% of such corruptions were fully recovered.


*Sunday hours begin at 09:00AM Friday at 8:30AM