Mobile Score Input (MSi)


MOBILE SCORE INPUT is now enabled for ALL USERS 

Facilities include sign in and score entry for all types of qualifying and non-qualifying competition types that are currently available in ClubV1. 

Members are able to sign in, pay any available competition fees plus optional fees such as a Two’s sweep via their membership card account and then enter their score, all using their mobile device.

This feature is controlled via the back office ClubV1 software and can be switched on and off for each competition.  

Alex Wood, a Senior Customer Account Manager at Club Systems has produced a video to explain how to set up Mobile Score Input and how the golfer will use it:

Mobile Score input will allow marker score input and auto-conformation, supplementary scores, and in preparation for club houses being able to re-open, a facility where a scores can be verified later via the PSI terminals, if you wish for members to come back to the Club House will be added later this season.

Mobile Score input is FREE OF CHARGE TO ALL customers via the HowDidiDo app.

After the very successful initial beta test launch, we are pleased to have of enabling all clubs for these features and are welcoming feedback.

As the above enhancements are made to the product over the summer, we will announce them via the notifications section of your ClubV1 software, so please keep an eye on your ClubV1 and on your emails, to keep up to date with the latest developments.

To use the feature, please visit the FAQ are of our site by clicking here